Horse stable in Bartram Village helps inner city kids

A horse stable in the middle of a public housing facility helps change lives and keeps kids out of trouble.

Malik Divers, the man who runs the stable, is called a Concrete Cowboy for his years of providing access to his horses to inner city kids. Located just blocks off 56th Street in Southwest Philadelphia he brings a bit of the country into the city.

Malik Divers loves spending time with horses

"Everything that was going on in this world, when I got on a horse I just felt free of everything," says Divers. "I see that it helps me and I know that it helped me when I was young and I know it will help young people."

Eli Mount is one of the young people positively impacted by the inner city stables.

"It keeps me out of trouble and I don't wanna be nowhere in the streets. That's why I came here to ask Mr. Malik can I help him with the horses," says Mount.

Another boy positively affected by the stables is Yasin Ali.

"It's like I go to a different world, it's pretty much like heaven when I come down to the stables," says Ali. "It's calmer, there are no bullies, no people trying to mess with people down here, it's just basically a group of family."

As Divers gets older there is a concern for keeping the stables open. His health is decreasing and he barely rides anymore, leaving the other members of the stable to do most of the riding and training with his guidance.

They are looking for resources, support but most of all, they want young people to know they're welcome, For Goodness Sake

If you'd like to donate:

Or stop by the stable at Bartram Village at 56th and Lindbergh.