Huge alligator takes his time crossing path at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland

Almost exactly one year ago, video of a massive alligator, sauntering across a path at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida, spread across the internet.

Since then, a very large gator has been spotted in the same area and people now keep their cameras ready, in hopes they'll catch a glimpse of the beast.

The big lizard is nicknamed "Humpback," because of his large, curved back, and he's well-known to frequenters of the park.

While it's not completely clear whether the massive beast seen by Suzy Griffin Paul on December 29 is Humpback, he certainly has a similar strut.

In a post on Facebook, Paul said: "Big gator at Circle B today!"

In the background, another alligator has decided to take a rest with its tail across the walkway.

Circle B Bar Reserve is known for its large alligators and large alligator population. On occasion, areas of the park have to be closed for increased alligator activity during the animals' mating season.

On one occasion, one alligator was spotted eating another at Circle B.