"I'm deeply concerned": Philadelphia police investigating allegations of excessive force by officers

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw addressed video circulating on social media that allegedly depicts Philadelphia police officers using excessive force to control protesters during the recent citywide unrest.

While some videos show conduct that appears to be within guidelines, Outlaw said Friday that "some of the images are disturbing and depict behavior that does not appear to be in accord with our policies."

As a result, the department has launched "several congruent internal affairs investigations," according to the commissioner.

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Outlaw revealed only limited information about the investigations thus far, but assured that she is "deeply concerned" and that each investigation will be handled in a thorough and objective manner.

She confirmed during a press briefing on Friday that video of Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna Jr. swinging his baton at protesters Monday is now the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation. 

Bologna, a commander in the patrol bureau, is also seen in video moving aggressively toward FOX 29 reporter Chris O’Connell on Sunday. Outlaw says Bologna has been removed from his assignment at this time.

What started as peaceful protests last weekend and the following days quickly collapsed into chaos and violence in Philadelphia. Officers were tasked with trying to tame rioting and looting that caused destruction to private and city property.

As a result, the department has arrested over 750 people for various crimes related to the riots.


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