Woman set on fire during apparent argument in Philadelphia park, police say

Authorities say a woman suffered severe burns after being set on fire with a flammable agent during an argument at a Philadelphia park.

The victim, identified by police as Alyssa Morales, was in the park on the 1800 block of East Tioga Street with a man when they began arguing with another woman. 

Police report that witnesses said during the argument the unknown woman poured flammable liquid on Morales and set her on fire. 

"I saw the little - it was like a little spark - and then all the sudden it just went ‘woosh!’," Noraida Nunez said. 

Nunez told FOX 29's Jeff Cole that she ran to Morales's aid and found her "shaking and screaming." 

Firefighters were called to the park and found Morales so severely burned it took some time to identify her.

She was rushed to Temple Hospital in severe condition. 

Authorities also say video of the incident was posted online and investigators are working to find the origin of the video. 

Police are also looking for anyone with information to come forward.