'It's a thrill to be back': Bordentown's traditional massive Halloween display returns

After a three-year COVID hiatus, a beloved South Jersey Halloween tradition is back and people in Bordentown are ready to party, with a massive Halloween display.

"It’s a thrill to be back and to be giving back to Bordentown that we love!" exclaimed Cecelia Henry.

"You can tell the people it was waiting for this moment, or this year and, thank God, COVID is on the way out," Founder Frank Rios said.

Halloween on Thompson Street, in Bordentown, is back better than ever.

"People get to know each other. Who’s who and, yes, without politicians or religion involved. It’s just a good, big party," Rios remarked.

Thousands of people from all ages come from all over to see what the city has to offer.

"I’ve had people this morning come from New York, from Jersey City. I had a call from one of my friends in Maine that said they saw it and they were excited that we were back," Co-Founder Pat Patrizio stated.

"You have all this pent-up desire to let loose again and, you know, we’re sad we missed our Saturday Halloween during the pandemic, but we’ll settle for this Monday Halloween," Haney explained.

"We love see the different themes every year and it’s always a surprise what each house decides to decorate," Lauren O’Malley said.

The decorations will remain a few days after Halloween for anyone who wants to travel to Bordentown to see the displays.