What foods are safe for pets to eat during holidays?

The holidays are right around the corner, and more than 60% of families in Minnesota and western Wisconsin will be celebrating the season with a pet.

But with festivities comes food, and some can be toxic for cats and dogs. In order to avoid a costly trip to the vet, FOX 9 went to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley to get some holiday safety tips.

If you want to give your four-legged friend some turkey off the Thanksgiving table, Mary Tan of the Animal Humane Society advises washing the meat off first.

"Get all of the seasoning off. They need just plain turkey," said Tan.

Big pieces of meat can prove to be hazardous as well.


(Luis Gandarillas/Anadolu Agency)

"Cooked turkey bones are an absolute no-no because so many dogs choke on it," said Tan.

Grapes, raisins, and onions are also toxic for pets. When it comes to Christmas trees, be sure to secure it and consider using shatterproof ornaments.

"A tree is just full of little toys for cats and dogs to play with. Tinsel...avoid that. They can choke on that," said Tan.

And if your holiday includes a large gathering at your home, prepare your pet in advance by practicing confinement.

"Animals, just like humans, suffer a lot of anxiety...if you've never (confined them) before, they are going to wonder what's going on," said Tan.

Next week, the Animal Humane Society will be celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. That coincides with Give to the Max Day, the biggest giving holiday for non-profits in our state.

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