Kidney patients concerned about closing of DaVita Dialysis Center in Coatesville

A Chester County man dependent on dialysis said he was told that his treatment center would close with a little over a weeks notice, raising concerns about where he will get the life-saving treatment. 

Emmett Hunt has been going to Davita Coatesville Dialysis three times a week for nearly four years. Hunt, 71, is a kidney renal failure patient. 

Last Wednesday, Arvilla Hunt said she was told that her husband's treatment center will close on Friday. Hunt was told that some patients will go to an office in Thorndale and others will go to a treatment center in West Chester. 

She told FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson that they were never asked which facility is most convent for them before they assigned patients. And with such short notice, Emmett and Arvilla fear the abrupt change will be stressful to manage. 

Arvilla said she called the corporate office for help with next steps and they directed her to the Thorndale office.

"They told me ‘yes he will be coming on 3rd shift’ which would be 3:30 in the evening," Arvilla said. "He's a 4 ½ hour patient so you're looking at 8 p.m., 8:30 p.m., by the time they connect him, by the time they disconnect him, clotting, make sure there's no blood, you're looking at 8, 8:30, 9 getting home." 

Emmett used to get first shift treatments that happened early in the morning. He thinks the new night schedule will be hard on his body. 

"I have to come home and eat something and then lay down," Emmett said. "I'm miserable, I'm really miserable." 

Arvilla is looking for other facilities, but she isn't sure she will find one with first shift availability in time for his treatments next week.

"I just want them to be cared for in a manner that's respectful to their lives," Arvilla said. "They tell you when they go to dialysis that missing one treatment increases your chances of dying within 30 days so."

In a statement, Coatesville Dialysis Center said:

"We are temporarily closing our center to address staffing challenges, an issue affecting health care providers nationwide.

We will continue to work with each patient to find the best option for their long-term care and be a resource as patients finalize transportation changes."