Kutztown University students, staff get warm welcomes to campus from beloved greeter

A man in Berks County is spreading a message of love and acceptance to college students one positive greeting at a time.

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story.

Driving into Kutztown University you are met with a smile. That wave of kindness is from 76-year-old Kraig Piper.

"I just love seeing the smiling faces," Piper said.

The smiling faces from students and staff keep Piper coming back for more. Putting names to faces with no one missed.

"What I do. Anybody can do and it doesn't take any practice. That’s the thing," he explained.

"Just getting that little wave. It gets me ready for the day. Like, I'm always so pumped to go to my classes," Maria Iacampo said.

He started all of this two years ago when he signed up as a volunteer to help with campus tours. It evolved into much more.

Piper spreads his love all over campus. 

"Sometimes I'm not feeling the best in the morning. Then you see Craig, and it's just the most positive experience that you can have in the morning," student Jessica Smith said.

Growing up Piper's stammer kept him silent, but his love of God gave him a loud voice to be a positive influence to everyone on campus.

Over the years, Piper has shown his love to thousands of students. But it was the students' turn to show their love back. Sophomore Ryan Craig posted a video on TikTok and raised money showing they had love to give as well.

The original goal was only $200, but it quickly rose to $,1,000.

"I can tear up easy. But when I think about these kids and everything. It just gets to me," Piper said.



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