Lack of snow in the Delaware Valley equals a lack of revenue for some

It's been a winter season with little snow to speak of. For those who depend on plowing snow for their livelihood, it's been tough and they've lost money.

People might think snow and sleet Sunday into Monday would excite Jose Figueroa and his friend Carlos. They are in the snowplow business, after all, and their gear is ready to go.

But, they are not. They have little hope of a snowfall that warrants plowing,

It has just been that sort of winter season.

"It's not a good year. Not at all. If it's not snowing, I'm not going to get no money. If it snows, that's when I'm gonna get paid," explained Jose Figueroa.

Among his more than 60 customers, one good snowfall could have him shoveling in $2,000. But, when asked to remember a good snowfall, he went back decades.

"I think it was 1997 or 1996. It was, like, 36 inches. That was beautiful for me. Other people don't like it, but, for me, I was outside for four or five days doing snow. I made good money," Figueroa said.

The money, for yet another year, sits in his customers' pockets. Money they haven't had to spend. No driveways to shovel in this Northwoods neighborhood. Jose, they say, is as dependable as they come.

"I'm glad there's no snow. I don't move when there's snow. He's been here when we needed him," explained Frankie Baughn.

Problem is, he's just not been needed lately.

So, for now, Jose and Carlos wait it out with television, hoping Mother Nature gets with the program.