Lake Geneva man puts jet-powered cheese wedge up for sale

In a story that truly offers a slice of Wisconsin life, a Lake Geneva man is selling his "one-of-a-kind" jet-powered cheese wedge.

Some things aren't too gouda to be true, and one thing is certain -- the cheese wedge is a muenster of a machine.

"I love to build things, design things, and then from those ideas turn those things actually into reality," said inventor Dieter Sturm.

The Lake Geneva inventor did not have to look too far to find some swiss inspiration.

The "Cheese-n-ator" -- a jet-powered cheese wedge

"I’ve been doing special effects for over 30 years for the motion picture industry," Sturm said. "Could we do a bratwurst? Could we do a beer? Could we do cheese? How about a cheese wedge!?:

The jet-powered cheese wedge is aptly named the Cheese-n-ator.

Inventor Dieter Sturm

"Wisconsin is about cheese, and having a jet-powered cheese wedge – why not?" said Sturm.

Sturm told FOX6 News that he and a friend built the Cheese-n-ator a few years back.

"We kind of figured there might be some good cheese companies here in Wisconsin that might want to tie into this. From cheese, from nachos, to who knows what it may be," Sturm said.

The "Cheese-n-ator" -- a jet-powered cheese wedge

Wanting to separate the curd from the rest of the whey, they made a few modifications.

"There’s a lot of intricacies to the actual components of this. It has a smoke system, it has a flame thrower on it. It is extremely loud," said Sturm.

Currently sitting on the Facebook marketplace, the Cheese-n-ator can be yours -- for $16,000.

The "Cheese-n-ator" -- a jet-powered cheese wedge

"We actually had one advertising agency contact us, we actually had an automotive museum contact us," Sturm said.

And if a jet-powered cheese wedge wasn't enough to lure you in, there's more.

"The cheese wedge and the micro monster truck – you actually have interchangeable bodies. So you can use it as either-or," Sturm said.

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Two for the price of one -- now that's an offer you can't help but cheese about.

If you're interested in checking it out for yourself, more information is available online HERE. To learn more about Sturm, visit