LAPD throws Quinceañera for girl fulfilling dying mothers wish

LOS ANGELES, CA (FOX 11) - Wearing sparkles and a smile 14-year-old Jazmine Delgado celebrated her Quinceañera, three months early and with both her father and mother.

"It was great, had a great time and my parents and I never expected this to happen," Delgado said.

Jazmine's mother Beatrice has a terminal illness, doctors told her she might not live till May, but she's been fighting.

"She has brain cancer. She's been fighting for four years to survive. The doctor told her maybe she would die in the surgery, but thank god she didn't die, cause if she died, I don't, what would I do with out her," Delgado said.

LAPD gang officers learned of Beatrice's wish to celebrate her daughter's coming of age at a community outreach event, so they decided to make it happen. They even providing the mariachi singer.

In Spanish, Beatrice says her favorite moment was watching her daughter smile and seeing her joy.

She says, "for me it was very important to celebrate this date. We have no way is knowing when certain things will end and this has given me the opportunity to live in the moment."

Jasmine and her family say they will be forever grateful to the LAPD for helping them make these memories.

Officer Janet Kim was asked to be her godmother.

LAPD says more than a dozen local businesses helped with donations. Some even donating Jasmine and her mother's dresses.

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