Large horse rescued after losing footing in pond

A large horse was in need of a really large rescue operation on Thursday. The horse, which is about 14 years old is expected to recover after the ordeal in Merritt Island, Florida.

Deputies with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office said the horse got out of his fenced-in area and became stuck in a muddy pond. Deputies said the large horse, similar to a Clydesdale, lost his footing and fell on its side in the water.

"His head would have gone into the water or water level and he would have inhaled and eventually drowned potentially," said Patrick Biegel, a veterinarian.

Deputies responded with a special horse harness. Once they got it on, the 2,000-pound animal was lifted out of the muddy water with a backhoe and treated by the veterinarian for mild hypothermia.

The horse is now up, eating and moving around, which is good news.