LAST CALL: Bristol Borough Police Department K9 retires after 10 years

A K9 with the Bristol Borough Police Department has retired after 10 years.

Chuck Palmer shared a video on Facebook of Kilo's last call writing the following:

"Has been an honor to be the handler of such a great officer. 10 yrs 2 months went by way too fast. Kilo has more then earned his retirement. I will miss you at work but i know it is nothing compared to how much you will miss being there. Thank you for saving my (expletive) more then once. Less then a year ago i wasnt sure if you were gonna make it through the night. Never thought you would recover and make it back to work. Just shows how tough you are. Enjoy your time off buddy you def earned it," Palmer wrote.

In the video, you can see Palmer is wearing sunglasses. He says he never wears them but put them on that day to cover up the fact that Kilos last call made him tear up.

Palmer tells FOX 29 he will get to keep Kilo, and he will live with the family. The Bristol Borough Police Department will be honoring Kilo on May 14.

Officer Palmer says he does not plan on getting another dog, saying he "just couldn't do that to Kilo."

After FOX 29 posted the video, many people commented on it offering to send treats and food. Palmer says those offers are appreciated, but not necessary.

Watch Kilo's last call in the video above.