Lexi Strong: Woman battling brain cancer hopes to meet Taylor Swift in Philly

Alexandra and her best friend Lexi grew up together in the Scranton area. Now 21, with their lives ahead of them, their plans are on hold.

That's because this past November, Lexi starting feeling sick. She went to the ER twice and was sent home with medication, but the flu symptoms continued. When her left eye stopped working, she had an MRI. The scan showed a tumor the size of three golf balls pushing down on her optic nerve.

Her official diagnosis was Stage 4 glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy at Penn continue today.

To keep Lexi's spirits up, Alexandra wanted to give her something to look forward to, so she surprised Lexi with tickets to see Taylor Swift at her upcoming concert in Philadelphia.

Alexandra took it a step further, tweeting the superstar to ask if she would meet her friend at the forthcoming show.

The tweet is now garnering national attention.

Meghan McCain, whose father is Sen. John McCain, saw that tweet and joined the effort.

"Hey Taylor Swift- we have never met, but anyway can you meet Lexi at your concert in Philly?" McCain tweeted. "She is fighting the same glioblastoma cancer my father has and this would make both of our days!"

Lexi and Alexandra joined Good Day Philadelphia on Wednesday to make their case to the pop icon.