Local fertility doctor helps teen with rare disease

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A teenager has a rare disease that even the experts don't quite know what to make of. She has fast growing tumors on her brain. We first told you the teen's story earlier this month and after our story aired a local fertility doctor reached out to help.

FOX 29's Karen Hepp has an update to Makia's story.

Makia Mason, also known as Kia, loves to study hard. She says learning is her escape. Math is her favorite so logical it just makes sense and follows the rules when nothing else in her world does. She wears a scarf to cover the tumors that have taken over her head and her life. Makia has a rare disease called Myofibromatosis

The last 4 years for Kia have been an ordeal with four rounds of chemotherapy, bullying at school, cruel taunts- and heartache. However, there have also been incredible bright spots, including a Make-a-Wish trip to Hawaii, her Candyland Sweet 16 and the Mummer's parade.

Now, she is facing another trial and her 5th round of chemo, the strongest yet, which will strip her chances of having children if she doesn't act now

A lot can happen in few weeks, Makia Mason is already a regular at Main Line Fertility in Bryn Mawr. Nurses draw blood, check her hormone levels and run ultra sounds.

"I really feel excited because I have something to look forward to in the future no matter how hard this disease is. I have a future to look forward to," Makia told FOX 29.

Nurse Michelle Gonzalez was at home with her husband when Kia's story touched her heart.

"The next day, I came in and said, 'Dr. Glassner did you see this?' I showed him the story without hesitation he said, 'Get Karen on the phone.' He didn't even hesitate he said we're going to take care of her," said explained.

Dr. Michael Glassner got Kia right in.

Here's what happens, Kia will come to the operating room, her eggs will be retrieved, separated by embryologists, incubated and frozen. They will be saved for someday when she's ready.

Kia's retrieval went well and now she's ready for the next phase of treatment. We'll continue to follow her journey.

Main Line Fertility is part of a group that works with cancer patients to offer discounts and enter them in trials.

If you wish to donate to Kia's GoFundMe page please click here.