Local girl models in fashion show for new adaptive clothing

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A local girl recently lived out her dream on the runway.

"I had so much fun," said 11-year-old Katie Hassell. She had the time of her life recently when she participated in the "Runway of Dreams", a trailblazing fashion show in New York City that she modeled in.

"I was so excited and I got my hair and my make up done," said Katie.

The experience was all part of the launch for a new clothing line by fashion designer and icon Tommy Hilfiger. It's called Adaptive Wear Clothing, tailored for children with special needs or disabilities.

"So this is the dress that she wore," said Marybeth, Katie's mother. She shows us how the clothing works.

"If you look in the back where the typical button would be on a typical kids dress, for the adaptive line it has very powerful magnets that come a part. You can see them stitched in. They almost go together by itself it's so easy," said Marybeth.

It's easier for her precious little girl who was diagnosed with Koolen-de Vries Syndrome. It's a rare genetic disorder that affects her speech and motor skills making it difficult to maneuver things like buttons and zippers. The clothing will give these children some independence without sacrificing the high fashion that other kids wear.

"For her to be able to do something that other kids who are 11 would be able to do, I can't even express my gratitude," said Marybeth.

We spoke with Tommy Hilfiger on the phone tonight.

"I think disabled children should feel like everybody else. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't have the tools to zip up the flies and button the buttons," said Hilfiger about the new clothing line.

Katie and her mom have already begun to order everything in stock.

"It's incredible. It really means a lot to me because when you have special needs you're limited to what you can do and the opportunities you're granted," said Marybeth.