Local Man Carries on ‘Letters For Liam' Charity

BUCKS COUNTY, PA (WTXF) A local business owner is launching a huge campaign to ensure that an autistic 12-year-old boy gets tons of cards for Christmas this year.

Jay Green, owner of "Jay's Steak and Hoagie Joint" in Pendel, Bucks County, is known for his big heart.

"I don't know how to explain it. I just love to give. That's what makes me me," says Green.

This year Jay's current charitable mission is dedicated to making Christmas extra special for an old friend's son. 12-year-old Liam Cannon has autism and loves getting mail. Last December Liam's dad, Cameron, started "Letters for Liam," to ensure that his son received a mountain of mail for Christmas.

Green was eager to help out.

"We got him just over 400 cards, and actually on the 27th of December, in a conversation with his Dad, I said this is going to be my new thing every year," Green says.

But very next morning after this conversation with Cameron, Jay received the heartbreaking news that his friend had suddenly died of a massive heart attack at the young age of 38.

Cameron's wife,Sabrina, and the couple's only child, Liam, were devastated.

"It's going to be a tough holiday for them, you know, first Christmas without his father," says Green. I lost my father 3-and-a-half years ago and that was hard enough on me. I can't imagine being 12-years-old with a father," Green says.

There is a photo from last year documenting all the cards Liam received for Christmas from "Letters for Liam," and Green says he uses it for inspiration this holiday season.

"This year I want them to be able to cover the walls and the ceiling with all kinds of cards so there's no walls at all."

He is well on his way to making that happen. Letters are already pouring in from all over the country.

Local students are even participating in "Letters for Liam." Green says that so far two dozen cards from students at Pennsbury High School dropped cards off for Liam.

To send a letter to Liam please mail to the following address: 313 W. Lincoln Highway Penndel, PA 19047. Or call (215)-741-6555 for more information.