Local man inspired to lose weight after photographed with country singer

Most of us have taken a picture that triggers insecurity over our appearance, but for one man, his picture had a much more significant impact. He couldn't really enjoy getting a picture with one of his favorite singers because of how much weight he had gained. At that moment, he decided to make a major life change.

Ryan Copelin, the assistant to the Upper Dublin Chief of Police got a chance to meet one of his country music heroes Josh Turner about a year ago. He loved meeting the country star, but didn't exactly like the picture.

"Had some meet-and-greet passes which was awesome," Copelin explained. "Got a picture with him afterwards, viewed the picture and was honestly disgusted with how I looked."

Seeing himself overweight really sunk in, inspiring him to lose weight and get in shape. Now, a year later, Copelin looks like a different person.

"I decided it was time to start taking care of myself," Copelin told FOX 29. "Ten months later after dieting and working out, I lost 100 pounds."

Those who have tried to lose weight know that 100 pounds is a huge accomplishment, but as fate would have it, Turner was scheduled to come back to the area recently and Copelin really wanted to share the results with the person who helped inspire him.

After convincing security to let him pull out his phone in the meet-and-greet area, Copelin was able to share his story with Turner. He was blown away.

"Going back there they say no cell phones in the meet and greet area but I told the security guard I have to show him something. So we go back there and I'm standing next to Josh and said you have to see this and he was blown away,"

Turner inspired Copelin, but after hearing his story, taking another picture with him, Copelin actually inspired Turner as well.

"He said I inspired him to lose weight and he's lost over one hundred pounds and there he is ladies and gentleman, look at this guy," Turner said to the crowd.

"When I meet guys who say I inspired him to get in better shape and better health, that's just one of the many reasons that make what I do so gratifying and so fulfilling," Turner added.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson asked Copelin what it was like getting a shout out from the stage and having Turner acknowledge him in front of the crowd.

"He mentioned that his concerts aren't always about music but about making a difference," Copelin said. "And he surely made a difference in my life."