Local man shows off his breakdancing skills worldwide

A dancer is showing off his moves and he's not just limiting his dancing to Dilworth Plaza. His talents are taking him all over the world.

FOX 29's Photojournalist Bill Rohrer spent some time with this dancing phenom.

Some people come to Dilworth Park on the doorstep to Philadelphia's City Hall to relax or splash in the fountain. Buy inside the landmark's courtyard, a variety of street musicians give dancer Brian Newby a perfect place to entertain.

As Brian controls his body to move in all types of directions, the direction dance has moved him is unimaginable.

"Dance came easy because musically I already knew where everything was. All the instruments, where they came in, where they fade out," he told FOX 29.

He started out admiring dancing greats Michael Jackson and James Brown until one day he stumbled upon a group dancing near the University of Pennsylvania. What he saw-was breakdancing and he was hooked immediately.

"Snapped back into reality when my friend said you would never be able to to do that. Huh, what was that?"

Those words didn't discourage Brian. They fueled his passion to become a better dancer. He practiced everywhere he could and one day he decided he was going to jump into a routine.

Dance has brought Brian from his mom's North Philadelphia neighborhood to competing all over the world. It has also given Brian the opportunity to start Wealth Of Knowledge clothing line and 360Flava dance company. He recently appeared in Netflix Original series 'The Get Down.'