Local pastor and Carson Wentz launch food truck "Thy Kingdom Crumb"

It warms our hearts to see an all-star giving back to the community, especially a Philly favorite. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was that told his pastor wanted to give away meals for free years ago, so they came up with a creative way to feed thousands.

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Pastor Kyle Horner and his wife had thought of helping people for years.

"My wife and I had a dream about how do we take food out into the community. The truth is that people connect over food," he told FOX 29.

Pastor Horner leads the congregation at Connect Church in Cherry Hill, dedicating much of his life to helping others but his dream to give away thousands of meals was slow to get off the ground. Until he met a very familiar face to most of us--Carson Wentz.

"Carson and AO1 got involved and it just kinda sparked something in them so they partnered with us in order to roll this out to the greater Philadelphia area," he explained.

High profile athletes like Carson Wentz publicly embracing their faith and connecting with communities isn't something we see every day. But since Carson and many of the Eagles are so comfortable with their faith they thought of ways that they could use it to better society.

"We wanna be able to get into community and be able to give away high quality food to everyone and anyone because everyone is in need of feeling loved and valued and seen," Pastor Horner explained.

Pastor Kyle showed FOX 29's Bill Anderson the food truck that he and Carson partnered to create. It will simply show up throughout the area and give away food. He believes food is one way we come together and because of that he wasn't surprised that the concept appealed to Carson. He's a superstar on the field but apparently just a good man off of it.

"He is who he is the person that you see on the field that's who he is. The person you see read the tweets that's who he is. He's un-ashamed about loving God and loving people," Pastor Horner said.

"Thy Kingdom Crumb" will be at Eagles games--in neighborhoods--at schools pretty much anywhere to spread food and fellowship and Pastor Horner wants people to know the food is for everyone.

"The factory worker who just pulled a double or college student in the middle of studying for midterms or the single parent just trying to make ends meet. We want them to know they can stop by the truck--it's a hug," Pastor Horner explained.

A hug with a meal and a message that for all of the people highly publicized for what they do wrong, let's not overlook the ones who do right, for goodness sake.