Local rally held for change in wake of mass shooting in South Florida

The clouds, symbolic of the mood--another mass shooting, another demonstration and pleas to our state and federal leaders to do something.

Horns were blaring in support. This Langhorne event, quickly assembled, yet again. They demanded action from lawmakers--from universal background checks, limits on ammunition purchases, banning assault rifles and longer waiting periods before gun buys.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, the Republican in this Bucks County district, tweeting "It is incumbent upon all of us to identify the root causes of this senseless violence and move to address it immediately. His staff telling us tonight, he's the author of a bill to close the bump stock loophole and is on a bill expanding background checks.

But there has been little appetite among Republican leadership to toughen gun laws, federal or state.

"There are 29 bills pending in the House of Representatives. None of which has been put up for a vote," State Rep. Perry Warren said.

"None of us are taking money from the NRA on the democratic sides and we are going to pass common sense gun safety legislation," Candidate for Congress Steve Bacher said.

The rally then moved inside The Peace Center, where a smaller group shared their hope for action, their fears and and their sadness.