Philadelphia teen with autism given prom night bash to remember

A Philadelphia teenager with autism was given a prom night to remember with help from a local non-profit organization. 

Dyllion Clark, 17, is a senior at Elwyn Media Campus high school in nearby Delaware County. Elwyn, a school for children with autism, does not offer a prom to its students, but partners with John Bartram High School in Philadelphia to give students the opportunity to attend prom.

Local non-profit Autism R.E.C. helped send Dyllion to prom in style from wardrobe to luxury transportation. They literally rolled out the red carpet for Dyllion, who donned a dapper white suit for his big night. 

"I have a son with autism. And autism or not these kids deserve to experience everything that a normal kid does," Founder of Autism R.E.C. Jamila Tucker-Mulero said. 

Keyanna Guy, Dyllion's mom, chaperoned Dyllion and his date to prom. They pulled up in a luxury Lyft car provided by Autism R.E.C.

"Of course I've been crying all day, but I'm trying my best to hold back the tears," Keyanna said. "We came such a long way, so I'm like beyond words when it comes down to my son." 

John Bartram High School held its prom at the Camden Aquarium, which was perfect for Dyllion who told FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson that he isn't much of a dancer, so he planned on watching the fish. 

"Tonight, with this experience, I hope it brings inclusion, that's number one. I hope it brings awareness, and most importantly I hope he enjoys himself, and he have a good time," Keyanna said. 

The next young milestone for Dyllion will be his 18th birthday - which is two weeks away - and graduation.