Local woman hopes to reunite photo album with family

A local woman is on a mission. She wants to find the relatives pictured in a photo album she found.

Brenda Quick, of Lansdale, is in awe of the old photographs some of them 140 years old dating back to 1877. Brenda found the photo album in the basement of her friend's house on Unruh Street in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia. She was helping Alicia MacDonald clean out her home and came across this incredible piece of family history. The photos are in pristine condition.

"Instantly something came over me, you have to reunite these pictures with the family," she told FOX 29."The pictures were speaking out to me- put me back with my family."

Alicia says the photos had been in her basement for some 20 years and before that in her father's home. Alicia knew they were not her relatives. She knew Brenda wanted to find the family but didn't think much about it until we showed the photos to her again today.

That is when Alicia realized they were photographs of a close family friend Mary Wallander's relatives from days gone by.

"I just got the chills everywhere. I loved these people. They were so good to me when i was a kid," Alicia said.

The oldest pictures are of Adolph and Amanda Wallander and their family members. They lived in Mount Vernon but obviously we now know there is a Philadelphia connection.

Mary Wallander is deceased; however, these two women are hoping a long lost relative sees these remarkable images from the past and comes forward.