Local woman opens up space to help with stress


Heavy traffic, the close calls, the blaring horns, the fast pace can all lead to stress. What if you can get away from it all. Well, one local woman may have your answer.

Carlee Myers says she has a plan to make your life less stressful.

"I had a home office. My partner had a home office. He had his man cave and I just thought where is my lady cave," she said.

This stress management coach decided to sublet a small 5th-floor Center City office and open the room up to other women. For a couple of hundred bucks a month, you get three 50-minute sessions to just zone out. She came up with the idea a few months ago and told her friend. It's called the 'Stress Less Space'.

There will be an open house from 12-4 p.m. Sunday at the Medical Arts Building at 16th and Walnut. For more information, please click here.