Local woman overcomes 10-month battle with coronavirus, returns home

A local woman returned home on Friday following a 10 month battle with COVID-19 that included two months in a coma. Now, she's giving advice to others severely stricken with the virus that has claimed 2M lives worldwide. 

Bonnie Reilly left AristaCare in Plymouth Meeting with her family at her side. Reilly's bout with coronavirus knocked her into a months log coma which made memories from a year to forget spotty at best. 

"I don't remember my time at St. Joe's at all and I remember bits and pieces of Good Shephard.  And I don't remember like the first month I was here," Reilly said. 

Bonnie Reilly

Bonnie had some asthma when she tested positive according to her husband Bill, but nothing predicted her ten-month struggle. Bonnie went from St. Joes to Good Shepherd in Bethlehem to AristaCare in Plymouth Meeting. 

On dark days, Bill kept Bonnie company on Zoom calls that included music spanning Alan Jackson to Black Sabbath. Bonnie's advice to anyone in a long battle with the virus is to fight back for yourself and your family. 

"You've got to keep fighting, you know, you can't lay back and go 'I don't want to do this anymore'," Bonnie said. "Believe me, it's not fun, but think about the ones that you're doing this to. If you should pass away, it's not you that you think that you're saving, it's your family that you're hurting,"


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