Lower Merion police warn residents about rash of car break-ins

Lower Merion police are warning motorists to lock their cars and hide their belongings after a rash of car break-ins at a park in Villanova. 

According to police, a woman attempted to cash stolen checks at a Warrington, Bucks County bank after a pair of purses were taken in vehicle break-ins at the parking lot of Stoneleigh Park on County Line Road in Villanova back on May 19. 

“They use some type of object to break the windows. They see something visible in the car before they do that. They take the items, hoping to get lucky with either bank cards, checkbooks, things like that," Lower Merion Police Department Sgt. Michael Rice said.

Police have nicknamed these kinds of crooks 'The Felony Kane Gang' because they tend to use the outer-most lanes at the bank drive-thru believing it’ll be more difficult to identify them if they’re farther away from the teller security camera.

Anyone with information, please contact Officer Black at 610-649-1000 or jblack@lowermerion.org.