Man accused of selling drugs to teens targeted on Snapchat

Radnor Township police are trying to identify a half dozen to a dozen teens they say a man targeted on Snapchat to sell them drugs. It's a troubling story that is sure to make parents keep a closer eye on their kids' social media accounts.

"Nothing on social media surprises me anymore," said Jonathan Rosan. He isn't shocked by what Radnor Township police say a man was doing to children they say he made contact with on Snapchat. But it's a reminder to check what your kids are doing on social media.

"You never let up and you've always got to be vigilant with that," he said. His 14-year-old daughter Sophie is somewhat concerned.

"If you're careful with your settings and stuff it's not as much of an issue but it is scary that people can reach you," she said. Radnor Township Police say 21-year-old Nathan Twedt not only reached young teens they say he targeted them. They say he found 13 and 14 year olds on Snapchat and met up with them to sell them drugs.

"This wasn't just an opportunity. This person knew what they were doing," said Superintendent Christopher Flanagan. He says the parents of one of the teens came to them Monday of last week after noticing some concerning behavior then finding marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

"They did a quick talk and search of their bag and located things," he said. The department's Drug Task Force began investigating. Police say Twedt sold to an undercover officer several times over the course of a few days at the same meet up spot on Fairfax Road. They say if the teen's family hadn't come forward Twedt's misuse of the Snapchat video app would have made it hard to catch him.

"It erases after the first, third of fifth view so it makes it harder for parents who are paying attention and watching out what's going on to determine if there's a problem," said Superintendent Flanagan.

Police are still trying to figure out how the suspect was able to reach the teens on the app. According to police, they arrested him Thursday and searched his home where they say they found marijuana, paraphernalia, pills and cash.

Police say so far they believe there are at least a half dozen to a dozen teen victims. They're trying to identify them and find out if there are any others.