Man Claims He Was Kicked Off Flight for His Weight

SANTA ANA, CA (WTXF)-American Airlines is apologizing for what one man says he was put through on his flight from Dallas to Orange County.

Chris Shelley says he was kicked off his flight because he was too big for his seat. After taking his seat, Shelley says he was told by a flight attendant the woman next to him complained that he was too big for the seat.
He was then asked to leave and given no solution, according to Shelley.

"The worst part was being treated as if I was some sort of criminal. Not only a criminal but a fat criminal," he said. "A young gentleman in a vest with an American Air emblem on it turns to me and says, 'Sir, you need to take your things and deplane immediately. Come with me.' I was in shock."

Shelley says they never asked him or anyone else if they could switch seats.

According to Shelley,he was allowed back on the plane after begging an employee to ask the woman who complained to switch seats and she agreed. However, he says he was embarrassed to have to walk back on the plane in front of 300 passengers after the incident.