Man claims someone stolen his motorized scooter outside Kensington business

A man says that the motorized scooter, which helps with his disability was stolen from outside a plumbing business on Frankford in Kensington.

“I couldn’t have been in that store five minutes, picked up the thing off the counter, walked out the door, the scooter’s gone," Frank Perera told FOX 29.

Perera spent years as a prolific drummer. He says a workplace accident seven years ago left him virtually numb from the neck down, making it difficult and painful just getting around, especially he says because it took forever for insurance to pay for the scooter. 

 “I’ve been without one for so long, I’ve been basically involuntary house arrest without a bracelet," he said.

Perera says the thief swiped the scooter while he went in for plumbing supplies, but he says he got a look at the accused crook through the store’s surveillance system. 

East Dectecives are working on surveillance video.