Man claims the wrong TV was in box from Walmart

A Northeast Philadelphia man found himself in disbelief after opening the box for his brand new television, only to find a much smaller TV had been placed inside the box.

Len Green says he found a 48-inch Samsung television in the packaging of the new TV he bought at the Philadelphia Mills Walmart. The problem is, he says he paid for a 65-inch TV.

"I was in shock. I thought I was losing my mind.I took out my measuring tape, measured corner to corner. It was damn near 48-inches," he told FOX 29.

Green, a dealer at area casinos and the father of two small children, wanted the TV for his new apartment.

He says he returned to Walmart where store managers looked at video of them making the purchase and got some disappointing news.

"They said since the box wasn't tampered with on camera they couldn't do anything for us," he said.

With the service plan, Green paid just over $1,000 for the television. The box states there's a 65-inch TV inside. The 48-inch set is clearly too small for the box and packaging.

Green says he called Samsung and provided the model and serial numbers.

"Come to find out they told us the TV is from 2014," he said.

He claims he and his fiance traded phone calls with the big retailer, but couldn't seem to get anywhere. He also claims Walmart told him it has no record of the television being bought and returned allowing for someone to switch sets.

Green wonders if it happened in the store and says all he wants is what he bought.

"All I want is what I paid for. That's all I want. I don't want my money back just what I paid for and for this not to happen to anyone else again," Green said.

A Walmart spokesperson called FOX 29 and said all Green has to do is go to the Walmart and speak with the manager to get a new TV. When asked how this could happen, the spokesperson said Walmart is a retailer and not a manufacturer.