Man eats Chipotle for a year to prove fitness lesson

A Washington state man wants to teach you a fitness lesson -- by eating at Chipotle for a year!

Devin Cunningham says it's possible to stay fit on any diet -- as long as folks exercise and learn how to control portions.

For 365 days, Devin ate nothing, but Chipotle.

And during this time -- his dedication was tested a few times.

The recent E. coli outbreak in several Chipotle chains across the nation forced Devin to travel all the way to Canada to get his meals.

"If I'm bulking, I'll get like burritos and guac, but if I'm cutting, I'll get burrito bowls and you know, limit the rice, limit the cheese- but yeah, I change it up quite often," Cunningham said.

Devin says he's dropped down to 146 pounds.