Man fitted for magnetic prosthetic nose, 10 years after his was 'crushed and deformed'

After 10 years of living without a nose, this Tennessee man is getting fitted for a prosthetic that will be attached to his face with magnets.

John Haley, of Memphis, is normally vague about what happened to his nose, but locals say he suffered some sort of trauma to his face, which left his nose crushed and deformed.

Maddie Singer, who specializes in facial prosthetics at the University of Tennessee Health and Science Center, said she's seen him around the downtown area several times but has never approached him until she heard, through a friend, that Haley was cast in a musical.

"I thought he might be more aesthetically conscious," Singer told "I do a lot of pro bono work [so] he met with me, and I showed him what I can do."

She said she routinely creates prosthetic noses or eyes for her clients, and decided Haley was a good candidate for her procedure.

Singer explained that the prosthetic stays in place using magnets -- the opposing ends of which are attached to his face with glue.

"At first I was little skeptical until I came in that first time and saw the work, I was amazed," Haley said, according to WREG.

After a week and a half of crafting and fitting the nose, Singer said she and Haley celebrated the success of the prosthetic, and Hayley's newfound confidence.

"It'll be interesting, looking in the mirror and, ya know, seeing something totally different," Hayley said to WREG."