Man in alleged GoFundMe scam facing jail on traffic charges

A man charged with running a scam that netted more than $400,000 from GoFundMe donors could face jail over traffic tickets.

A prosecutor in Burlington County said Monday that Mark D'Amico could serve as long as 30 days for driving with a suspended license three times spanning March 2017 to May 2018.

D'Amico, his former girlfriend and a homeless veteran face theft and conspiracy charges for allegedly concocting a feel-good story to get people to donate money. They've pleaded not guilty.

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In a brief interview Monday, D'Amico told The Philadelphia Inquirer the prosecutors "are mistaken" and that he gave homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt all the money but that Bobbitt spent it on drugs.

Prosecutors contend D'Amico and former girlfriend Katelyn McClure spent the money on luxury items and casino trips.