Man reunites two lost unicorn stuffed animal with owners

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A Valley man has come up with a creative way to try and track down the kids who own two lost unicorn stuffed animals.

It was a magical weekend for James Abbott, and it all began on Saturday, when he spotted one of the unicorns. He quickly found its owner that day, but what's rare is he found another one, the very next day.

"[I was] thinking it was the same unicorn," said Abbott. "That's when we reached out ot the same lady, but she said she already had that one, so we had to reach out to our community to find this one."

Abbott decided to have a little fun this time around, taking some photos and posting them on his community Facebook page.

"So that when they went back to the owner, she would be well taken care of," said Abbott. "Made shre to feed it fun food, such as Jelly Bean."

Through social media, Abbott found the owner.

"They kept sharing it, and eventually, the lady posted that it was hers, and she had sent photos of the child as a baby with the unicorn, said she had it since birth," said Abbott.

The owner of the unicorn is little Sawyer Anderson. She received it as a gift when she was only three months old, and has been attached to it ever since. Sawyer accidentally dropped it Saturday evening, while on an evening stroll with her mom.

Abbot says the magical day for him was Wednesday, when he returned the unicorn to Sawyer.