Man Travels Around the Country to Recreate Grandfather's Photos

Souderton, Pa. (WTXF)- A Montgomery County man is traveling around the country recreating history. He's taking photos of the same spots his grandfather did decades ago. Now his project is getting national attention.

FOX 29 photojournalist Bill Rohrer shows us how some old photos led to a new journey.

For Christian Carollo looking at old slides is a way to plan for his next big trip. That's because he is trying to recreate thousands of pictures his grandfather Herb took dating as far back as 1973.

"They very much loved national parks, a lot of them a scenic shots, which sometimes can be a little difficult to locate but the ones I am, that are a little more obvious, I have been locating," he told FOX 29.

His grandmother documented every single trip with extreme detail. With the help of his grandmother Ruth's journals--he has replicated about 75 different photos.

"It is kinda funny because all of us grandkids growing up we kinda always--kinda made fun of him because he always had a camera with him. He always had to capture every family gathering with photos," he explained.

Each recreation is a tribute to his late grandfather.

"Later in life, I kinda realized seeing those moments had an affect on me. That is why I started this project. It was kinda a way to honor him and thank him for instilling that love of photography and travel in me.

His love traveling brought him all over the country, including Fishermen's Grotto in San Francisco. Where he met a worker finishing his shift. Christian saw the worker when he visited at recently.

"Looking at my girlfriend's photo I didn't even think it was a possibility that guy still worked there. When those things just pop out of the blue it's just an awesome experience," said Christian.

Christian's project is now extending far beyond his expectations.

"It is a cool project for me but when I can touch other people it's become pretty awesome, yeah,'" he told FOX 29.