Man Wants to Find Good Samaritans Who Saved His Father-in-Law's Life

PORTLAND, OR--A Portland man is trying to find the two people who he says saved his father-in-law's life.

FOX's Kelsey Watts reports the 79-year-old collapsed from cardiac arrest and was given CPR by a pair of Good Samaritans who disappeared shortly after.

Matt Smith says it's nothing short of a miracle that his father-in-law is still alive.

"People who suffer this kind of cardiac event survive 5% of the time," he explained.

It was Monday afternoon when 79-year-old Heinz Arndt was running a quick errand at the US Bank in Forest Grove, but before he could make it inside, he collapsed in the parking lot, in cardiac arrest. His own son-in-law, a detective with Forest Grove police, heard the call.

"I remember vaguely hearing the call for service come out at work and I didn't realize it was my father-in-law until about an hour later," he said.

He also didn't know at the time that he had two Good Samaritans to thank. Witnesses told them two men, who just happened to be walking down Main Street, saw Heinz collapse, and rushed in to give him CPR and rescue breaths, keeping him alive until medics got there.

"My father-in-law doesn't remember any of it and the worst part is, we don't know the names of the two people who came to his aid," said Matt.

Heinz is now recovering at the hospital and was in heart surgery Thursday. According to doctors, he may need a pacemaker. But against all odds, his family says he should make a full recovery. One that wouldn't have been possible without the help of two strangers.

"While all of this is going on, the number one thing that's on our minds is: 'Who are these two people who came over and saved his life.' And like a true hero, they do this and they leave, and they don't contact anyone, leave their name with anyone. From the bottom of our hearts, we're just grateful for everyone who saved our Poppa," Matt explained.