Mayfair dance studio puts on Thriller street dance ahead of Halloween

What would the weekend leading up to Halloween be without Thriller? Chances are we all know at least one move from Michael Jackson's 1983 movie-music video "Thriller". On Friday, students from Ovations Academy of Dance in Mayfair shut down Frankford and Cottman to recreate it.

From the outfits to the gory makeup and ghoulish costumes they led guided dozens in the community through the steps.

"What was the most fun tonight? That we're getting to do it all together and that we're having fun," said 6-year old Ja'Mari Riveri is part of the dance troupe. She played a zombie and says she watched Michael Jackson's video and practiced a long time.

"Do you think you guys did as well as he did? Yes," said Ja'Mari.

6-year old Braylen has never seen thriller but learned some moves on the fly tonight.

The dance ended a two-hour community Halloween block party where local businesses gave out candy and 106.1 provided the music.

"It's family fun. Family fun. Something to do. It was very nice," said Tiara Blackwell who came out with her husband and daughters dressed as twin witches.

It's the first year for the Thriller party put on by the Mayfair Business Improvement District.

"We are thrilled. We know we have a great active community here but to see all the people dressed up and want to have a good time it's really gratifying," said Executive Director Marc Collazzo.