Members paid up front for gym opening 6 months late

Frustrated, even angry members of a local gym fear they've been taken for a ride.

They've been urging FOX 29 News to take a look at the operation of Fusion Gym, which has several locations in the region. It has been struggling to open in Northeast Philadelphia.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole went to take a look and reported there's not much to see inside the proposed new facility on Grant Avenue.

College student Ash Sigamony has been peering in since he slapped down $60 for a membership last year.

"It's game over," Sigamony told us. "…I'm just done. It's disappointing at this point."

He wants his money back, and so do others who have called FOX 29 urging us to find out why Fusion remains closed despite a promised late 2016/early 2017 opening.

We expected to see people working out in the gym, but what we saw was drywall and dust. If the gym is opening, it's not happening anytime soon, Cole reported.

Tile work is going on. We found a man hard at work. He said he's been there about a week.

After visiting Fusion's Center City location, we heard from the owner and asked about frustrated members who paid up front.

"What did they get then for that?" Cole asked over the phone.

"Well, they're going to get 12 months free once the gym opens. And then they're going to get an additional three months free for our gym opening later than our expected date," owner Tony Chowdhury responded.

He said delays in zoning and pulling permits have slowed the opening.

"When do you now expect to open?" Cole asked.

"We're expect to open the first week of June, Chowdhury said. "I would say June 1st is our opening date."

The Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections says Fusion has done work without the required permits.

Chowdhury says the city stopped them from working for a time. Now, the owner says he has the permits now and is committed to that June 1st opening date, Cole reported.