Memorial Presbyterian Church fire under investigation

Fast-moving flames moved through a historic church as crews race to save precious religious articles inside the burning building.

Tonight, what started that fire is under investigation and church members are in search of a new place to worship.

"I was devastated when I saw the condition of the building," said Pastor Robery Kaubfman.

Prayers went up when pastor Robert Kaufman, congregants and firefighters saw the fire after they got several calls.

"This church is family," Judy Stang explained.

One 911 call came from a cafe customer, who grabbed video, after seeing smoke rising from the cafe across from the Historic Memorial Presbyterian Church in Boothwyn, Delaware County. It's quaint landmark along the 3200 block of Chichester Avenue. Sweet celebrations fill their Facebook page.

Firefighters rushed to save precious items from the alter before it was completely scorched. One of the personal momentous was a cross from Pastor Kaufman's ordination.

"A fireman brought that cross out to me all blackened from smoke but it's in perfect condition. That's the word from the Lord, we will rise again."