Millennials skipping doctor visits, study says

Millennials are skipping going to the doctors, according to a new study.

Carrie Blounts has a lot of company. She's a healthy professional 30-something, who keeps a solid workout routine, but when it comes to an annual physical checkup she doesn't go. 

"If it's not broke, don't fix it," she told FOX 29's Joyce Evans. 

"We're dealing with a population that thinks they're invincible. They're young and for the most part, they're pretty healthy, but there are times when proper medical advice is necessary," Dr. George Avetian said.

The study, by Harmony Healthcare IT, found 78 percent of millennials surveyed said they consult "Dr. Google" for online evaluation and diagnosis. They are not going to a doctor's office for hands-on evaluation, tests and blood work, according to the study.

"I think the 78% are very foolish ." Delco's senior medical advisor for public health Dr. George Avetian says he sees this in his private practice and in public health data here and around the country.

"Prior to coming to me they have googled their symptoms and usually they're coming in self-diagnosed with a condition much worse than what they have," he said. "I will discuss their diagnosis and then my diagnosis, sometimes they're right, many times they are wrong."

Dr. Avetian says he's using more social media now to get the medical messages out hoping to reach more young adults.

More details on this study and its findings can be found on the Harmony Healthcare IT website