Moorestown High School gives special needs students job training to help them thrive

Moorestown High School is giving students the opportunity to learn job skills to help them thrive in their community. 

Bowwow Bakery is run exclusively by students with special needs at Moorestown High School.

"We’re really trying to give students a sense of independence," Adam Roth said.

 Roth, the structured learning experience coordinator for the high school, works with students ages 18 to 21.  On Thursday, students as young as middle school were working with their job coaches inside the newly reorganized Bowwow Bakery. 

They were busy making and selling dog treats to some very lucky local puppies. Because working in the community Is tricky during a pandemic, these students are learning to build their own business inside the school.  

"Not all families are comfortable going into the community like we used to, so we wanted to come up with a business that we could sustain here in high school that would look like a real structured learning experience if we were in the community," Roth said.

If you’d like to purchase doggy treats for your pup, please follow Bowwow Bakery Moorestown on Instagram and reach out directly. The money raised gets funneled back into the program.


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