Mother Comes Up with Creative Way to Keep Son Close

Gloucester County, NJ (WTXF) Her son's in college. He's a busy guy and he doesn't call. So a Gloucester County mother came up with a creative way to keep her only child close.

Kellie Cunningham and her son Glenn are inseparable and Kellie makes certain of that.

"For all you mothers suffering from empty nest syndrome do what I did: get a cardboard cutout," Kellie told FOX 29.

Kellie takes the cardboard cutout everywhere.

"It was a little bit bigger than I expected. I didn't realize it was life-size," she explained.

22-year-old Glenn, the real one, moved out of Kellie's 4 months ago. He's not that far away and is living in Philly, but college and a full-time job have kept mother and son apart. What started as a joke has touched a chord with her whole community

So what does the "real" Glenn think?

"He does get embarrassed but that's what parents are for you live to embarrass your kids especially when you only have one," Kellie said.

Kellie will be on Good Day Philadelphia Tuesday morning sharing their story.