Mr. Moosey keeps first and second responders safe

Officers never know what they are going to find during a traffic stop. What a local girl gave a cop during one traffic stop took him by surprise.

FOX Photojournalist Bill Rohrer shares the story.

5-year-old Mackenzie is like most children. She loves playing with her toys and spending time with her brother and sisters--mom and dad included.

One day coming home from dance class Mackenzie and her mom were pulled over by police for an expired vehicle registration.

"A very nice officer stopped me and didn't give me a ticket," Megan Brown told FOX 29.

When Officer James Gibbas, of the Towamencin Township Police Department, made his way back to the vehicle, Mackenzie tried to give the officer her moose. He said no at first.

"Eventually, she said the moose would keep me safe. It is kind of hard to say no to that," he explained.

Moved by Mackenzie's kindness Officer Gibbas decide to start Mr. Moosey's World Tour on Facebook.

The plan is for the Mr. Moosey move about the globe and spend a few days with other first and second responders to keep them safe, too.

You see Mackenzie and her mom never told her dad Mike the story behind the Mr. Moosey.

As a full-time paramedic for the Second Alarmers Rescue Squad in Willow Grove, he heard the whole story for the first time at work.

"I think it is a really special thing, I think it goes a long way for a little girl to express what I think a lot of adults take for granted," he said.

Mr. Moosey has been spreading safety all over and getting his picture taken.