Neighbor finds gruesome scene after man kills woman, two dogs

Officers were called to a gruesome scene in Central Phoenix today. Investigators say they found a woman's body decapitated and two dogs killed inside an apartment. On Sunday, police identified the victim as 49-year-old Trina Heisch.

Earlier today we learned that a neighbor had a hunch that something was wrong next door. He says he knocked on the door and when it opened, he says what he saw looked like a slaughter house.

"It looked like a massacre in her kitchen…"

George Loney knocked on his neighbor's door just before 10:00 a.m. only to discover the gruesome scene inside--

"Like every other day I go check on them," said Loney. "They are mentally ill. [I] went to go check on him…he answered the door; he was naked and there was blood everywhere, so I called the cops."

Phoenix police say when they arrived at the home near 13th place and Colter Street, they saw that the 43-year-old suspect had cut off his own arm...and he was missing an eye.

Inside the apartment … more horror. Officers found a woman's body decapitated and two dogs dead and mutilated.

"The female victim was located in a walk-in closet in bedroom of the home," said Sgt. Trent Crump. "Our officers saw several knifes inside. It is unknown at this point what was used."

Loney says he's known his neighbors for four months; and says the couple met at a mental health facility.

"Regardless of her condition she was a Christian lady and she always tried to do the right thing," Loney said. "She left behind a lot of friends and family."

Medics rushed the suspect to a hospital to undergo surgery while detectives investigated the grisly scene.

Phoenix Police say they've been called to the home before...

"I understand that these two have had somewhat of a domestic violence relationship before," Crump said.

Still- Loney says that he saw no signs his neighbors' relationship could lead to today's chilling discovery...

"I never thought he would kill her," Loney said. "I never thought that would happen in a million years."

The suspect told officers he killed three family members. Officers do not know if he was referring to the woman and the two dogs, so they are checking on other family members and making sure everyone is accounted for.

Police say the suspect was last arrested back in 2003 for trying to kill a family member. Police say the victim was also recently arrested, back in March, for a domestic violence assault where she tried to stab the suspect.