Neighbors Land Helping Hand for Cumberland County's Ackmonster

An artist in Cumberland County makes incredible works of art with chainsaws, but unfortunately someone stole the very tools he uses to carve his masterpieces.

Luckily his neighbors are landing a hand to help him out.

It's a reality of the news that we have to cover some negative stories. The robbery of a well-known local artist would normally fall into that category but in this case the positive response of the victim and the support of the community lets me happily call the outcome good news

Brian "Ackmonster" Ackley is a chain saw artist from here in Bridgeton. South Jersey.

Aside from his amazing wood carvings his shop is pretty non-descript which is why it was so surprising when someone broke in and took all 10 chainsaws that he uses to create his art and feed his family.

Brian was also just days away from his tour of state fairs and festivals and was going to have to pass until the public got wind of his situation and shocked him with their support.

A GoFundMe account is raising funds, people are stopping by dropping off their old chainsaws and what was a story of crime has turned into a celebration of Goodwill.

Police do have one man in custody but the tools have not been recovered. Even so, Ackmonster admits he was a little cynical about people and that may be changing.

Obviously this would be a happier story if the theft never happened but Brian and Deborah seemed sincerely impacted by the community response.

If anyone else wants to help, click here for details.