New 835 area code coming soon to parts of Philadelphia suburbs, Lehigh Valley

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission announced the assignment of 835 as a new area code that will eventually serve parts of the Philadelphia suburbs and the Lehigh Valley due to the dwindling supply of available telephone numbers in the 610 and 484 area.

The Commission voted 3-0 on Thursday to approve a petition filed by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA).

The 610 and 484 calling area serves residents and businesses in Lehigh, Berks, Delaware, Chester, and Northampton counties, along with a portion of Montgomery County.

The NANPA says the remaining supply of available telephone numbers is estimated to be exhausted in early 2023. No new 835 numbers will be assigned until the remaining 610 and 484 numbers are completely exhausted. 

How you can prepare: 

  • Check devices to verify that area codes are included with all stored numbers.
  • Continue to program/save/store phone numbers to all devices using the full 10-digit telephone number.
  • Verify that all services and equipment – such as automatic dialers, life-safety & medical alert systems, alarm/security systems and security gates, call-forwarding settings and voicemail services – recognize the new area code as a valid phone number.

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