New app allows you to rent pools by the hour

Swimply is the first-ever online marketplace for pool sharing. It's like an Airbnb for pools.  

The app allows you to rent out your pool by the hour for whatever you think you can get.  FOX 29's Hank Flynn saw $30 all the way up to $250 in our area per hour.   

Liability is the homeowner's burden for now.  Swimply's co-founder Asher Weinberger told FOX 29 on the phone that waivers are signed, pools go through 24-point inspections and he says insurance is on the way.

"By having the waivers and having the inspections, we are now gathering all this data about what’s happening inside of pools that we are building an insurance product. In the very near future, we’re going to be able to achieve that," he explained.

He adds that in the past there’s never been insurance for this sort of thing because there simply wasn’t any data. 

Pools can be booked and listed on and download the Swimply app here: Swimply.