New procedure freezes the fat off your body

FOX 32 NEWS - A new health trend is helping women and men literally freeze the fat off their bodies.

It's called "Cool Sculpting" and experts say it's a pretty straight forward procedure.

Kim Kegley, 48, kicked back and relaxed during the procedure.

"This is a day at the spa actually," Kegley said.

She worked on her iPad while a cool sculpting machine literally freezes her fat.

"It feels a little bit cold... but now it's going numb," Kegley said.

"There are a lot of people who don't want to do surgery, but want to take care of those things that won't go away," said Dr. David Dreyfuss.

Dr. Dreyfuss says he brought cool sculpting to his Orland Park plastic surgery office because it fights fat with no knives and no downtime.

It's the hottest - make that coolest - trend on the red carpet with the Kardashian, Molly Sims, and other celebs cool sculpting to keep it tight.

It targets stubborn pudge on your stomach, thighs, love handles, and even double chins.

Kegley's bulls eye, she says, is her pooch. Diet and exercise wouldn't budge it. So, the cool sculpting paddle pulls the pooch in and then freezes it at minus 11 degrees. The cold crystalizes the fat cells.

Then, over the next few months, her body will eliminate those destroyed cells, revealing a slimmer silhouette.

Plus, Dr. Dreyfuss just got a bigger paddle to make it work faster, so you can freeze fat on your lunch break and then head back to work, or even the gym.

Still, this won't make you lose weight, so Dr. Dreyfess says it's not for everyone.

"Some people have too much extra skin, some people have too much weight, too much fullness so some people are much better candidates for surgery," Dr. Dreyfuss said.

For Lucy Witkowski, her main worry wasn't the fat but the cellulite creeping down her thighs.

"Family members kind of make mention sometime so I'm like noticing it…when I decided to do something about it," Witkowski said.

So she tried out the latest treatment called Cellfina. It uses small needles to slice the bands woven through the fat in your backside. Once cut, the dimples disappear.

"You can actually see it while we're doing the procedure - that band releases and the tissue relaxes," Dr. Dreyfuss said.

And Dr. Dreyfuss says the results last at least two years, maybe more, which is a huge improvement over other cellulite treatments.

"Maintenance as I call it," Witkowski said.

Pricey maintenance, though. Cellfina costs three to five thousand dollars. Cool Sculpting runs about 15 hundred for two areas of fat.

This was Kegley's second cool sculpting treatment, and she's sold.

"Best thing since sliced bread. Just go in and sit there for an hour, wait three to four months and it's gone," Kegley said.

All without going under the knife.

Doctors say the non-surgical procedure is not for significant weight loss but to treat stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.