No fancy dress code required as this West Philadelphia ministry welcomes all

Many folks in Philadelphia started the day by getting all dressed up in their Easter Sunday best. But, not everyone has the means to do that.

A Philadelphia ministry group is stepping up to provide a place where anyone can feel welcome to worship and spend the holiday, no dress code required.

Chosen 300, an inter-denominational mission, is best known for distributing meals across the city to the homeless.

But, on Easter Sunday, their building on Lancaster Avenue is a place for everyone to worship and celebrate Christ's resurrection, without an obligation to wear Sunday's best.

"They would go and they were intimidated because of the fact that they didn't have, quote on quote, the right stuff to wear, but also when offering time comes around, they don't have anything to offer or they might not smell the best. This is the welcome place," explained Pastor Brian Jenkins, Executive Director with Chosen 300.

"They don't judge anybody. They don't care if you're homeless, if you've got a million dollars. It doesn't matter," said Deborah Stratton.

For three visitors, it was an extra special morning. Pastor Jenkins baptized them, while everyone else helped celebrate.

As someone who experienced homelessness himself, and grew up in an orphanage until he was brought in by a local family, Pastor Jenkins says he is simply passing along God's love.

"I'm not paying anything back. I'm simply paying it forward, extending the same kindness that someone extended to me," Pastor Jenkins added.

"I think it gives people encouragement. It restored my faith in humanity," Stratton said.