Norristown church serving hundreds of families in midst of COVID-19 pandemic

A church in Norristown is serving hundreds of families during the COVID-19 pandemic and they need your help to keep it going.

"The culture is different we try to make sure they get the right food they're going to eat that it won't go to waste," said Reverend Jessie Alejandro. Hundreds of bags of groceries. Each one filled with enough to last two weeks. All going to families in need in Norristown.

"Some of the families come in and they say we have a family of eight and we have children and babies. We try to get diapers and formula whatever we can get our hands on," she said.

It's the mission of St. John's Episcopal at the Diocesan Center to make sure people don't go without during the coronavirus pandemic.


"We are the church. We are the people. We're here to serve those that are in need and I don't think this pandemic is going to stop anytime soon," said Rev. Alejandro.

She adds the focus is on the elderly and undocumented families.

"It's sad to say because a lot of times they are afraid to go to someplace to ask for some donation because they are afraid of what's going to happen to them," she explained.

They started three weeks ago helping 17 seniors and about 20 families. The list grew to 150 families who registered for help.

Then, on Monday, "400 people showed up to pick up food and we were able to give them food because people were donating to us," said Rev. Alejandro.

The Dr. Robinson Foundation donated over a thousand dollars to help buy food and two food vendors in Reading Terminal Market gave vegetables and meat. The owner of La Sensacion is allowing them to use the restaurant for sorting and packing. The other heartwarming part is Norristown police got involved to deliver the food to families who can't get out.

"I was delivering food for a 97-year-old female who lives alone. They're extremely appreciative. Of course, they want a hug and we can't do that but that's part of the job. We want to make sure that we're still connected to the community and doing what's best for the people who need it the most," said Lieutenant Michael Bishop. 

Below is information with donation needs:


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